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New Advertisers Flyer!  THANK YOU BEASTIES who have been so dilligent and consistent with participating, your efforts are greatly appreciated! 

pick the one that inspires you the most & share with them your appreciation for their product & choice of advertsiing during #batb 

Would you like to do a trend for an advertiser?  Maybe during hiatus? Please let me know!  The Italian Beasties have been rocking the Pepsi promotion! Good job all!  

Thank you @WilmaBatb for the lovely flyer & @Ean_ean for the idea to include the FB page links as well.

Great job to @BeautyATYoplait, @Orangemoon13 @muzacagurl @Traveller395 for all their hard work!  Because of all the beasties that participated in these campaigns, @Yoplait has been very interative! Love that! 

Huggies  @Huggies 

Fancy Feast  @FancyFeast 

Yoplait @yoplait & @yoplaitgreek 

State Farm @StateFarm 

Dr. Pepper @drpepper 

Dove @Dove 

Hershey’s @Hersheyskisses 

Shoemint @ shoemint 

ATT  @ att

TRESemme @TRESemme

Nyquil (no twitter)

Kia @kia 

Kay Jewelers @KayJewelers 

Pepsi pepsi

Gerber  no twitter 

New Flyer to support our Awesome Show Beauty And The Beast


Beasties here are the twitter handles for the companies that we have seen advertise on #batb before.  Please pick the ones that you truly use & enjoy and share tweets to the company as to why you like their products.  Please include the current hashtag of the night & be honest.  I am a Diet Coke fan so probably won’t be tweeting to pepsi.  Say Thank you for choosing to advertise during our beloved show.  Hoping this increases interest to advertise during batb which would make $ for CW who might keep batb because you beasties are such a force of nature! Thank you for everyone for getting behind this idea! Hoping it helps!

pepsi     @davidsbridal    @GEICO   @pampers   @Swiffer  @Jeep

@Starburst    @ Pfizer (Robitussin)  colgatesmile  timewarnertv 

charmin  @Kia   @ToyotaUSA (international beasties check your twitter)

@Ford   @TRESemme  @Snickers @HersheysKisses  and @Yoplait   for some reason tumb1r won’t let me do the @ for all of the products but these are their official handles  Progresso Soups does not have a twitter account.  

Hope this helps, thank you WILMA for your wonderful flyers! Have fun & be creative!

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